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Blue exporer is a powerful file manager.
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Unique File Addin


Blue Excel is a powerful excel Addin. It is designed to improve working efficiency, make work easier.

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Make Excel work easier and faster. Blue Excel provides tools for making Gantt chart, Integration plan, resource plan and other useful Excel features. Such as update data, find between workbooks, sheet update etc.

Creating Gantt Chart

Excel is frequently used for making schedule and plan. Gantt Chart is the best way to show schedule. Though Microsoft project is the super tools for this. It's not convenient due to it an it's not easy to share among people.

Specific Merge

Merge selected cells content in to one cell. Enhanced current merge.

Find in workbooks

Find same cell in workbooks, switch between workbook. This is useful when you want to compare two workbooks or get date from another workbook.

Fill Colors

Fill color to selected cells. Make frequently used color fill faster.

Data Filter

Provides faster way to filter data.

Excel is easy to filter column data by two strings, how to handle three strings? Blue Excel can do it.

Quick Command

Don't need remember toolbar commands anymore. Quick way to trigger excel command.

Blue Excel is a powerful excel Addin. Try it now.