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Press Release

Blue Excel - A powerful Addin for Gantt Chart and Excel


Blue Excel is a powerful Excel Addin. Several features make it is unique and powerful.

Blue Excel provides strong tools to make Gantt Chart.

Gantt Chart is frequently used to address program schedule. This tool is aimed to help program manager, team leader and individuals to create Gantt Chart easily in Excel.

Microsoft project is a professional tool for Gantt Chart, but it’s too complicated to create a simple Gantt chart. It is a big issue to share Project Gantt Chart in team. In order to view the Gantt Chart, you must have Project installed, otherwise, it’s very hard for you to read the file. The file is big and very hard to take a look of the whole picture. If you want to edit the schedule or add some comments, you also must have “Project” installed. Excel as a powerful office tool, is more common than “Project”. Almost everyone use Excel daily. It’s familiar by everyone. No challenge for everyone to make Gantt Chart in Excel. You can utilize the advantages of Excel to make Gantt Chart. Beyond this you can do edit it, add rows, columns, comments, show/hide columns, zoom in/out to view the detail schedule. Generally as much as you can.

Three plan types are supported by Blue Excel, week based, working day based and calendar date based. Task bars will be drawn automatically. You can also add precondition in front of the task bar and detail after the task bar. This is very useful, as task bar has limited information shown on it.

Blue Excel also provides tools to make integration plan and resource plan. You can resize the bars and shapes easily to align with the cells occupied. Sometimes, you want to add detail information to the task bar due to it has limited information shown. Blue Excel provides a unique way to do so.


There are also a lot of general tools which will benefit the Excel user.


If you are a heavy macro user, you will find it’s tedious to run a macro by Alt+F8. Macros in all sheet are listed, it’s hard to find the right one immediately. With Blue Excel, press F11, all macros in current workbook will be shown, input part of the macro, matched macros will be shown, press enter to trigger the macro immediately.

Quick filter provides a faster way to filter rows according strings.


Blue Excel can help to update one sheet according another sheet. In your daily work, you need keep one sheet to tracking items. But for some item you need update according database frequently. Blue Excel can help you to do automatically.

Blue Excel has enhanced find function. You can find same cells between files which makes file comparison easy and faster.

You can also find same value cells in current sheet. Blue Excel can mark the cells in same color with same value. This makes customer easy to find cells with same value

There are buttons help to find previous and next.

Blue Excel provides faster way to filter the sheet according selected cell.

Blue Excel has a lot features for text handling, such as Extract Text, Extract number, Add character, Reverse Text, Remove Space, Count Characters, Convert Value to Text and so on.

Blue Excel has a lot of Range Related features, such as Remove Empty Rows, Remove All Duplicate Rows, Remove Duplicate Cells, Remove All Ranges in Current Sheet, Remove All Ranges and so on.

Blue Excel has some number related functions, such as Round Number, Convert Number to  money expression and so on.

Blue Excel can help to remove all objects and activate http text to http link automatically.

Blue Excel can help to remove the password protection for sheets and workbook.

Blue Excel provides way to copy selection area as picture. You can resize the picture freely. This makes copy easy in some case, for example to the mail in outlook. Make sure the paste result is in good shape.

Blue Excel provides a faster way to fill color. It also provides a way to select current region and draw boarder for current region.

The current region is a range bounded by any combination of blank rows and blank columns.


The evaluation version is available on This is a trial version with limitation. The price is $29.9.


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